Hair trends 2019

Hair trends you can try in 2019

1 – 50 tones of Grey

Gray hair color has been trend for the past few years. If you haven’t had the courage to do it in the past few years, it might be a good time this year. But this year Shades Of Grey have shifted from silver to coal grey and to a visa.

2 – Pink

For those who want to try a color and a healthy hair color, we recommend the sweetest pink of 2019. This year, you can see Ash pembels in your hair frequently. Ashy pink, which adapts to any type of color, will make it easy for you to get a cool and innocent look, provided your bottom paint is dark grey.

3 – Weave Hair

The generation who catches the ‘ 90s knows their hair from the night. The mesh waves are coming back in 2019. You can make this model with the help of a flatter in a much shorter period of time.

4 – Pixie Cut

Long hair will be replaced this year as pixie cut short hair is known as. If you are brave enough and confident, we can say that this model is for you.

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