Men are more active in online shopping than women

Although shopping is often seen as a female hobby that men have to bear, the fact remains that online shopping is not at all.

In fact, contrary to popular belief in shopping, men spend almost twice as much time on a computer for shopping. According to the research of advantage, women prefer lunch breaks between 12: 00 and 03: 00 for tours in virtual stores and men prefer between 23: 00 and 01: 00 at night. Women spend an average of 54 minutes a month and men spend three hours and 32 minutes shopping online.

Although women take less time to shop online than men, thin screening often takes 14 minutes to get a product he decides to buy into a basket and pay for it because of his frequent weaving habits. Men can only complete the virtual exchange in just nine minutes.

Women who buy the most clothes from e-commerce sites spend money on technology products, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and bags, respectively. The average value of women’s shopping baskets is 50-60$

In virtual stores, the basket value of men who spend mainly technology products, clothing and hours is also 70-80$.

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