Reverse damage to the skin

The FDA-approved Cleopatra cocktail was developed by American scientists for the elimination of damage to our skin and recovery of healthy skin. Medical aesthetic physician Dr. Biran Ekici, when sorting in people with weary face and profession, usually in journalists, politicians, actors and people subjected to intensive business tempo, the Cleopatra cocktail gave good results Announced

The FDA-approved Cleopatra by American scientists for the elimination of damage to the skin caused by aging, harmful effects of sun rays, external radicals, stress and malnutrition, and recovery of healthy skin Cocktail was improved.

Dr. Biran Ekici, a medical aesthetic physician who gives information about the Cleopatra cocktail, has anti-inflammatory properties with a strong peptide called TB-500, which is included in people who want to resemble Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie It is possible to reach the dreams with this cocktail which is effective in restoring the tissues and recovering the elasticity of the wounds. “

Dr. Ekici said that the Cleopatra cocktail is good results in journalists, politicians, actors, and people who have been subjected to intensive work, while ranking in people with tired faces and in their profession.

“Under the eyes of the undereye bruises, tired and low expressions due to thin wrinkles can be corrected,” said Dr. Ekici, “2 or 3 sessions with this process lasting 10 minutes, we can reach positive results without any bruising and damage. It can be applied to anyone from 20 to 60 years of age, the effect may last up to 5 years according to the condition of the disease. In addition, the application shows the maximum effect within a month “he said.

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