The ideal breast size is determined

Breast augmentation surgery is the most common operation in breast aesthetics. Second place is the breast reduction surgery. Is it big or small? Scientists finally found the ideal rate. The lower pole ratio of the upper pole in the form of the perfect nozzle was determined as 45:55

Aesthetic surgeon Op. Dr. Alper Mete Ugurlu gave the following information about the details of the scientific research in plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official organ of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPs): “Researchers, people” are ideal They did a series of surveys to get their ideas about “aesthetic breast.” Surveys were conducted using a large number of women’s breasts in various sizes.

Thousand 315 people participated in the survey, the breast paintings were asked to be sorted according to the appeal. Men and women; The answers of different age groups and different race/ethnic groups were compared. 53 Plastic surgeons were involved in the study.

Women, men and doctors chose the same rate

The results were distinctly consistent. The ratio of 45:55 in all groups was the most attractive breast rate. The 45:55 ratio was preferred by 87 per cent of women in their thirdages, 90 per cent of men and 94 per cent of plastic surgeons.

The same rate was ranked at the top in the race/ethnic groups. The 50:50 ratio was included in all groups as the second choice with remote search.

There have been some differences between women with age: 86 percent of women under 40 years of age are choosing the 45:55 ratio, and in women over the age of 40, this rate falls to 76 percent. It was observed that the more mature group chose a fuller appearance in the upper pole.

Surprisingly, men also preferred the “more natural” 45:55 ratio as women. This is an extremely inverted conclusion with the wrong blood that men prefer to oversized breasts, presented as a cliché interpretation of men’s preferences for a long time. “

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